The ultimate healing plants course to discover the healing power of plants, integrate them into your daily life, and align your consciousness with nature.

For people who are ready to:

  • Activate your consciousness with the natural world and shift your reality to be in the natural rhythms of nature
  • Heal & nurture yourself and your loved ones with healing herbs
  • Grow your own healing garden with ease even when you’ve tried before and failed, or didn’t receive what you really wanted from your growing experience


With herbalist, grower, and garden coach

Lauren Almquist

Pay in full option you receive a bonus 1-1 consult with Lauren

If you could create, grow, and tend a unique, magical, healing herbal garden with ease and confidence, would you give yourself that opportunity?

or would you keep on

  • putting it off until "next season" and then feeling bad about not starting (and repeating this cycle!)
  • trying to grow things here and there with varying success and too much googling
  • feeling like there is something more to experience with plants but not trusting that you can access it
  • being overwhelmed by all the information about all of the plants, the herbs, the medicine, that you resign yourself to watching other folks grow on instagram, or next door or anywhere but your own back porch?

If you are ready to give yourself and healing herbs the space to grow and learn together, without overwhelm and endless googling, then keep reading...

Discover how to create YOUR unique space to learn directly from plants from an herbalist, garden coach and educator who has done the same.

When you step into NURTURE, you will gather the tools, skills and mindset you need to create a custom healing herbal garden in your space, unique to you, so that you can practice and learn to connect with plants, learn from them and with them, in your own way and on your own time.

You will practice connecting with plants in mind, body, and spirit, to find your own plant allies.

By connecting with plants in this way, you will nurture your connection to yourself, natural rhythms that support you, support the ecosystem, and create a space for healing in your heart, mind, and soul.

You will experience bite-sized steps, coaching, and personalized feedback along the way.

By the end of NURTURE, you will be growing herbs with ease, confidence and joy... even if you have limited space! You will learn to grow what you can manage in a way that works for you. It can be simple and fun.

You will have set up an initial space where you live or nearby, that includes plants that you’ve chosen to grow that you will develop relationships with and connect with on a regular basis.

Bonuses are you will learn growing techniques, get to know through experience what works and what doesn’t, and have plants to harvest from or sit with. You will also develop the skills (and trust!) to keep doing this with more plants, long after the course is complete.

Bonus of a 1-1 consult with Lauren when you pay in full

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In NURTURE you will learn the foundations to growing herbs with ease & confidence and develop relationships with healing plants.

The main content is delivered in 6 live (virtual) sessions, plus pop-up bonus live sessions at different times, with additional support available between sessions.

  • Live (virtual) sessions each week
  • Recordings of all session in portal
  • Q&A in portal - get your specific questions answered
  • Telegram group for support between sessions (a garden guide in your pocket!)
  • Reference materials and resources to support you along the way

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All the basics you need and all of your questions answered, and a few pop-up bonus sessions from the garden!



Pop-up bonus sessions

Any pop-up bonus sessions will be based on the needs and desires of the current cohort, and will also be recorded and available in the portal for you.

Q&A via the portal

For each recorded lesson and module (and any pop-up bonus sessions), you can ask your questions and receive answers via the portal.

Lifetime Access to Resources

Access recordings, resources added over time (anything I add to the course resources, even after you are complete - you will have access to!)

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You'll receive an email with the details. We started at the beginning of May, but all sessions are recorded so if you join us later, you have access to the previous sessions.

You will receive an invite to the Telegram group chat, where you will be able to ask questions of Lauren and share with the group in between our live weekly sessions. (You'll have a guide and coach in your pocket along the way!)

Note that live pop-up sessions will be at different times of day depending on group needs.

All recordings of each live session will be available for you in the portal as they are ready.

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