Grow Herbs with Ease - VIP

Grow Herbs with Ease is for people who want to grow their own herbs with ease and confidence on a Guided Garden Journey.

When you join the Grow Herbs with Ease course you will get access to these modules, lessons, and Q&A sessions:


  • Identify your vision
  • Ponder the possibilities
    • Perennials, Annuals, Biennial herbs
    • Culinary and medicinal herbs
    • Seed sidebar
  • Put it all together - Clarify your vision


  • Consider Your space, Consider the elements
  • All about containers
  • Choose your plants
  • Make your list and plan


  • Prepare your bed/container/planter
  • Water in
  • Watch


  • The first few weeks
  • Tending Habits
  • Sit spot and journaling
  • Harvesting

Plus Q&A after each module
Bonus materials added during course

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$97.00 USD